Vinex Slavyantsi is one of Bulgaria's most famous winery. It is situated in the lush Sungurlare valey which is in the most eastern part of Bulgarian sub-Balkan wine growing region.
The reqion where Vinex Slavyantsi is situated has an altitude of 250 m and an annual precipitation of 550-600 l/m. The soils are mainly of sandy and clay types. Winter is relatively mild, and summer is cool. The soil and and climatic conditions are very favorable for growing vineyards.
The archaeological findings point to the fact that both vine-growing and wine producing have been known here since ancient times. An important characteristic of the region is that the vineyards are used exclusively for wine production. The vineyards are compactly located on the slopes of the hills. The region is ecologically clean. The main wine varieties include: Red Misket, Muscat Otonel, Chardonnay, Riesling and Ugni Blanc. The red wines include Merlot, Cabernet and Pamid.

Vinex Slavyantsi owns a large-capacity modern plant, which includes four well-equipped wine cellars for grape processing and vinification located in Slavyantsi, Sungurlare, Karnobat and Chernitsa. 25,000 to 30,000 tons of grapes are processed annually in these cellars.
The company also has two modern planst, one for stabilization and bottling of table and sparkling wines, and another plant for production and bottling Vermouths and grape brandies.
Annually, the company bottles and sells about 20,000 million bottles and its production is welcome in Europe, Africa and America. Key partners abroad are in England, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Lebanon, Russia and Georgia.


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